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For more than ten years, The Royal Dance School has been known for its superior ballet training, as well as first-class performances with guest artists.

Students studying at Royal Dance School in a nurturing and professional environment while enjoying the outstanding opportunities afforded by the best in classical ballet, jazz and modern dance training.

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2014 Winner!!! Royal Dance


Baek Eunju's Royal Dance Granted Award

"Ture Talent Dance Competition" 2014 in NY

* Overall High Score
* Jr. Solo :1st Place
* Jr. Trio : 1st Place
* Solo :1st Place
* Group: 1st place

백은주 로얄 댄스는 2014 뉴욕에서 열린 "트루 탤랜트 댄스 컴퍼티션" 에서 자랑스럽게
대상을 차지했습니다. 그리고 쥬니어 솔로 1등, 쥬니어 트리오 1등, 솔로 1등, 그룹 1등으로 경쟁력 있는
스튜디오로 자리를 잡았습니다. 수고한 학생들에게도 아낌없는 찬사를 보냅니다. Read more about 2014 Winner!!! Royal Dance

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